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10% Discount to Military / LEO's all day everyday!


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Custom Paracord Products: Bracelets, Keychains, Monkey Fists, Lanyards Rifle Slings, Dog Collars & Leashes and much much more!!


Mission: To provide folks with affordable, yet stylish paracord products with fashion and survival aspects in mind.

Fact: if you buy anything from me and have to use said item in an emergency or survival situation, take a picture of said situation and mail back the hardware and I will make you another said item 100% free! I will even cover shipping back to you.

I guarantee my work 100% full faith. If your unsatisfied with anything, let me know and I'll resolve it.
I've been blessed to not have one instance of this happening since we were founded.


"All of our products are made from Type III Paracord"

Products Offered for Now:

New Items Added Regularly


Bracelets: Charm Bracelets, plain Cobras, Custom Color choices and weave/braids shown.

(Currently Offering Over 20+ Braid Styles!!)


Survival Bracelets: 13-1 Survival Bracelet, Same options above but these bracelets will have Fire Starting, Fishing Equipment,  & compass weaved into them and comes standard with a 5/8" flat whistle buckle. 


Key-chains, Lanyards, Dog Collars & Leashes, Hat Bands, Monkey Fist & Necklaces - Plain & w/Charm Pendant & much more!!


Customize your Paracord Product!


All items will be custom colored to your liking: Birthstone, Sports Team, Favorite Colors, etc, etc...


Measuring Your Wrist Size for a Near Perfect Fit!

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